TAZREACH - Improving access to health services across Tasmania

The Department of Health and Human Services is the fund holder for several outreach programs funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH). These outreach programs aim to improve the health outcomes for the people living in rural, remote and some urban locations by supporting health professionals to provide outreach services across Tasmania. The programs are administered by the TAZREACH office of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Please note that TAZREACH are in the process of updating and reviewing this website as a result of changes to services for 2016-2017. Please contact TAZREACH if you have an enquiry about a particular service.

For more information about the funding programs, currently funded services, or to apply for outreach funding please follow the links below:

Clients and patients, you can tell us what you think and provide advice to us at any time by completing our TAZREACH Online Feedback Survey

Top of Mt Brown Overlooking Tasman PenninsulaImage: S. Brake 2013